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Half a Century of Joe: Our Gamedev is Still Broken

It’s been a while since I’ve let you all know how I’m doing. After getting Covid and opportunistic bacterial pneumonia, I caught influenza at the end of December. This is when my troubles started. After that I had a bad case of asthma exacerbation, Covid brain fog, one case of acute sinusitis, a second case …

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GearHead Caramel v0.946: Our GameDev is Broken

Happy Techno Thursday! I’ve just uploaded version 0.946 of GearHead Caramel. You can get it from all the usual places- Steam,, and GitHub. This update has been delayed by the fact that I’ve been seriously ill for the past month- first severe Covid 19, then an opportunistic lung infection, followed by my lungs just …

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Steam Autumn Sale

GearHead Caramel is 42% off during the Steam Autumn Sale, which ends on November 30th. Carpe diem! Caveat emptor!

GearHead Caramel v0.942: Better, Faster, Stronger, Less Crashy

This is another mostly-bugfix release. A very kind player submitted a whole lot of bug reports at once, and I’ve been working through them in order of severity. I think I’ve fixed all the crashing and game-breaking bugs. Also, you know how movement slows down in exploration mode when you’re on a mecha mission? That’s …

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Space-Y: Colonize Mars for Someone Else’s Fun and Profit

Last weekend my son and I made a short game using the Godot Engine. It is a short Lunar Lander style game with a few sadistic twists. I did the programming, my son did the sadism. Anyhow, you can play it online at, or pay $8 (or less) to download the verified blue check …

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GearHead Caramel v0.932: The Sound of Mecha

Happy Mecha Wednesday! I’ve just uploaded version 0.932 of GearHead Caramel. You can get it from all the usual places- Steam,, and GitHub. The big change this time around is the addition of sound effects. I admit it- I’m one of those weirdos who usually plays games with the sound off. This has been …

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GearHead Caramel v0.931: Raid on Pirate’s Point

Today is… Technological Thursday, I guess? I’ve just made a new release of GearHead Caramel. Version 0.931 adds a brand new adventure: Raid on Pirate’s Point. The Solar Navy has decided to remove the Aegis Consulate from Pirate’s Point… and if they can get rid of the pirates at the same time, so much the …

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GearHead Caramel v0.930: So Many Mecha Under The Hood

Wonderful Mecha Wednesday to you all! Today’s update looks minor, but again, there’s been a whole lot of work done that isn’t entirely visible yet. You can get v0.930 from all the usual places- Steam,, Patreon, and GitHub. The most visible change in v0.930 is the addition of biography and badges tabs to the …

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Alcad vs DeadZone Drifter, Part One

GearHead Caramel v0.928: More Character Development!

Happy Mecha Wednesday! I realize that it used to be Mecha Monday, but I’m going to try releasing on Wednesday as a change for a while. Today’s update is fairly minor but adds a lot of useful stuff under the hood. You can get it from all the usual places- Steam,, Patreon, and GitHub. …

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