GearHead Caramel v0.960: Happy Seolnal Release!

Finally, a new release of GearHead Caramel! I’ve just uploaded version 0.960 to all the usual places- Steam,, and GitHub.

You would not believe how much work went into this release. I mean literally, you won’t believe it, because most of the changes should be mostly invisible. If you follow me on social media you’ll have heard me talking about the brand new quest system. Well, there’s a brand new quest system, and it seems to work well… but it’s not being used by any of the adventure modules yet because I need to write more content for it. Also, some longstanding bugs have been fixed, including a rare crash upon starting a campaign. Hopefully you won’t notice this change because hopefully you never had the game crash on you when starting a scenario, and now you never will. But it was a lot of work! And this bug goes all the way back to GearHead 1!

The next step for GearHead Caramel will be finishing up Raid on Pirate’s Point. I needed the new quest system for this, and I also needed to fix the map generation bug because one of the maps in that scenario crashed the game at a much higher rate than normal. After that, I want to add a few more short-ish scenarios. The new quest generator should make that easier since I won’t be reinventing the wheel with each one.

Here’s the complete list of changes. As usual, try it out and let me know what you think. And happy year of the dragon!

  • Fixed bug in DeadZone Drifter stub
  • Certain weapons and mecha have been rebalanced; existing instances will be unaffected
  • Weapon thrill power now actually based on rank, ha ha ha
  • Plots can contain extensions
  • Added lore browser to memo system
  • Refactored quest system to be entirely QuestLore based
  • Okapi puzzle memo now uses same font (medium) as other memos
  • Fixed world map encounters bug
  • Burst fire weapons have increased thrill power
  • Intercept weapons have their thrill power lowered
  • Fixed do_partial_restore in MultiMission
  • Closing doors via right click will now work
  • Mouseover info will list items in tile
  • Destroyed items appear red in inventory display
  • All hidden models get revealed at the end of combat
  • Window close button should now properly close the game
  • Scenes and rooms will expand if larger area is needed for contents
  • Weapon is_operational bug fixed
  • Items on floor should always appear behind characters and mecha
  • Lost forager will not be selected for random plots while lost
  • Gradient map prep can now place rooms in requested bands


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