GearHead Caramel v0.952: Hacker’s Delight

I’ve just released GearHead Caramel v0.952. You can get it from all the usual places- Steam,, and GitHub.

The biggest change this time around is the help system- while using the combat/skills interface, pressing F1 will now bring up a helpful panel explaining what the invocation you’re looking at actually does. The same text appears in the mouseover tooltip so whether you use keyboard or mouse you will get more information than before.

The Wildcraft “Take Cover” ability has been changed to “Stalk Prey”. While in effect, your character gets a bonus to their cover modifier and enemy units you target get a penalty to theirs.

The Computers skill now has Hacking abilities. These abilities can be used whether or not the mecha you’re in has an EW system. Your Computers skill must be at least rank 3 before these skills will appear.

I’ve fixed a lot of bugs. Thank you to everyone who reported problems.

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